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RecycleBank gets $30M from Kleiner Perkins to reward recyclers

IDG Ventures Boston changes its name to Flybridge Capital — and raises $280M

After Bear Stearns Rescue, Who's Next? (AP)

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CME to Buy Nymex for $9.4 Billion (AP)

Joe Lewis Takes $1 Billion Hit From Bear Stearns- Reuters

Dollar Falls Against Euro, Yen

Aquantia raises $25 million for highest-speed Ethernet chips

Vivisimo receives a $4 million investment from North Atlantic Capital

Thumbplay receives a $18 million investment from Brookside Capital Advisors...

Clearleap receives a $9 million investment from Trinity Ventures...

iSirona receives a $1 million investment

WebVisible Inc receives a $12 million investment from Sutter Hill Ventures...

RecycleBank receives a $30 million investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers...

Luminus Devices Inc receives a $72 million investment from Braemar Energy Ventures...

Liquiavista BV receives a $12.62 million investment from Amadeus Capital...


Derivatives the new 'ticking bomb' - Buffett and Gross warn: $516 trillion bubble is a disaster waiting to happen

Derivatives the new 'ticking bomb' - Buffett and Gross warn: $516 trillion bubble is a disaster waiting to happen
"Buffett tried to sell off Gen Re's derivatives group. No buyers. Unwinding it was costly, but led to his warning that derivatives are a "financial weapon of mass destruction." That was 2002.
Derivatives bubble explodes five times bigger in five years

Wall Street didn't listen to Buffett. Derivatives grew into a massive bubble, from about $100 trillion to $516 trillion by 2007. The new derivatives bubble was fueled by five key economic and political trends:"


Hedge Funds Frozen Shut - BusinessWeek

Hedge Funds Frozen Shut - To buy time and stave off losses, more funds are blocking withdrawals. Are they just postponing the inevitable? - BusinessWeek
"There's a chill spreading across the hedge fund industry. With more portfolios falling victim to the credit crunch, managers by the dozen are freezing investor redemptions, preventing a mad rush to the exits that would force funds to sell beaten-down assets to raise cash. But is this unprece­dented move just postponing the day of reckoning for funds and the market?

Since November at least 24 hedge funds have barred or limited investors from taking their money out, tying up tens of billions of dollars for an indefinite period."

Microsoft's Takeover Tactics - BusinessWeek

Microsoft's Takeover Tactics - A plan to reshape Yahoo's board from the inside may be a shrewder strategy than an all-out assault - BusinessWeek
"Microsoft certainly knows how to play rough when its interests are at stake. So why has the hypercompetitive software maker been so cautious since it asked Yahoo!'s board on Feb. 1 to consider a $44 billion cash-and-stock bid—an entreaty that was quickly spurned by the portal's CEO, Jerry Yang? So far this takeover struggle has had all the acrimony of a croquet match.

Soon, that may change. On Mar. 5, Yahoo (YHOO) extended a Mar. 14 deadline for its investors to nominate directors to its board. Microsoft will have up to 10 days after Yahoo sets a date for its annual shareholders' meeting to make a move. The decision by Yahoo is expected in the coming weeks. Nominating Yahoo directors is likely to be Microsoft's next step in its takeover dance. Yahoo says the extension will allow its board "to explore all of its strategic alternatives" before dealing with any proxy challenges. Microsoft declined to comment."