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Microsoft's Takeover Tactics - BusinessWeek

Microsoft's Takeover Tactics - A plan to reshape Yahoo's board from the inside may be a shrewder strategy than an all-out assault - BusinessWeek
"Microsoft certainly knows how to play rough when its interests are at stake. So why has the hypercompetitive software maker been so cautious since it asked Yahoo!'s board on Feb. 1 to consider a $44 billion cash-and-stock bid—an entreaty that was quickly spurned by the portal's CEO, Jerry Yang? So far this takeover struggle has had all the acrimony of a croquet match.

Soon, that may change. On Mar. 5, Yahoo (YHOO) extended a Mar. 14 deadline for its investors to nominate directors to its board. Microsoft will have up to 10 days after Yahoo sets a date for its annual shareholders' meeting to make a move. The decision by Yahoo is expected in the coming weeks. Nominating Yahoo directors is likely to be Microsoft's next step in its takeover dance. Yahoo says the extension will allow its board "to explore all of its strategic alternatives" before dealing with any proxy challenges. Microsoft declined to comment."

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