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REVShare Raises $20 Million For Cost-Per-Action TV Ad Business

REVShare Raises $20 Million For Cost-Per-Action TV Ad Business

"The idea that advertisers should only pay for actual responses to their ads is gaining acceptance beyond the Web, where cost=per-action (CPA) ads are becoming more common. A SoCal company called REVShare has been doing the same thing on TV since 1989, with ads that urge viewers to call a 1-800 number or go to a Website. The company has relationships with 1,500 TV stations (most of these tend to be local, infomercial-style ads). These type of ads have become increasingly ppopular. The company says that it is profitable and that it has tripled revenues since 2003 (But it doesn’t give specifics—is that triple from $100,000 or $1 million?). Now, it is ready to expand further.

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